Welcome To Bubbles Junior School, Sahastradhara

Nurturing the children with our best teachers.

Bubbles is a registered entity and are well-designed kindergarten learning school framework that ensures the student gets the right start.

Active Learning

Our approach to learning is active and ensures student learning effectively..

Funny and Happy

We make students learn while being happy and cheerful.

Fulfill With Love

Our teachers care like a mother and child stay carefree throughout.

Expert Teachers

We have certified teachers who teach with proper planning & implementation.


Our Features

Our teachers are fully trained and certified to teach students professionally and with care.

Qualified Teachers

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Sports Facilities

Our students are provided with proper sports equipment to make activities more fun.

Sufficient Classrooms

We have a spacious classroom with proper interiors that are kid-friendly.

Regular Classes

Proper timetable is followed to ensure systematic teaching.

Creative Ideas

Our students have creative minds to learn & present things smartly.

Van Services

We have van facilities for parents who wish for a van for kids.


Why Choose Bubbles Junior School ?

Bubbles are committed to offering top-class childhood education with the best teachers and teaching practices like student-oriented learning. We focus to offer a wide and balanced learning area to let kids achieve their best potential.


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Qualified Teachers

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Happy Parents

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Frequently Asked Question

Once admitted to kindergarten, your kid is provided with concepts like writing, reading, science, time, shapes, math, and many more. In addition to this, students learn special social skills and how to present themselves on school premises.

The main goals of a nursery student include, should recognize numbers from 1 to 30. Learn basic objects, and shapes and develop general addition & subtraction skills.

Yes, definitely. We have allotted lady peons to ensure your child stays comfortable in terms of hygiene and restroom requirements.

Yes, we make sure your kid not only learns at school but also makes sure to offer out of the box learning that includes personality development classes.

You can. But, we encourage healthy eating. So, we suggest you should avoid junk food as much as possible. This is mainly to develop healthy eating habits for your toddler.