Bubbles Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, we have created this Policy page with a key focus on how you should check how we collect, use and implement as well as make use of individual data.

The below-mentioned points share a deep understanding of our privacy policy.

  • Before or at the time of data collection, we will check the aim of which data is being gathered.
  • We will collect and use the individual information singularly with the aim of satisfying the indicated reasons for other fruitful purposes until we receive the assent of an individual subjected to or as needed by the law.
  • We will also collect individual information by reasonable and legal means and where fitting, the assent or information of the concerned individual.
  • Personal information collected can be important for the reasons that it is used, the level of reasons essence, subject to be finished, accurate and updated.
  • We will also safeguard your data by security shields against burglary or misfortune, and also the unshared access, duplicating, divulgence, alteration or use.
  • We will quickly offer clients proper access to our privacy policies and methods for the use of individual data.

We as an entity are focused on growing our business according to the above-mentioned standards with a desired end goal of ensuring that individual privacy and information are maintained securely.